Care Plans

We are experienced and empathetic Independent Social Workers who understand that each person’s care and support needs are unique to them and the value of working both in collaboration and in a person-centred manner in achieving individual outcomes.

Care and Support Plan

Completing a Care and Support Plan is an integral part of the care planning process, which will clearly identify the areas in which you may require care and support in line with the Care Act (2014), following your Social Care Needs Assessment, and how these needs could be met. Our Care Plans are created in collaboration with you, ensuring this reflects not only your identified and assessed needs, but also your goals and aspirations. We ensure to evidence and promote the outcomes you wish to achieve. Our Care Plans intend to capture the whole person, providing a holistic overview of all the important elements which can feed in to make a robust and personal Care Plan, tailored to your individual needs.

Providing you with Local Resources

As part of the Care Planning process, you will be provided with a recommendation as to how the identified care and support could be met. This could include local resources and suggestions of other suitable services such as an Occupational Therapy review (to assess your home environment and any identified equipment needs) and Assistive Technology to maximise safety and independence.

Your Independence is our Priority

Our aim is to foster independence, connect you to suitable services, whilst further building on your existing strengths which could include looking collaboratively at the resources within your own network should this be an avenue you wish to further explore. Our qualified and friendly Social Workers will discuss what is important to you in meeting your care and support needs and the outcomes you wish to achieve by listening to what is important to you, and how you can be supported to live your life the way you want to.

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