Capacity to Act as a Trustee

Capacity to Act as a Trustee

A lot can change for a Trustee from the time they are bestowed the legal responsibility to act as a Trustee, to when they may need to fulfil their responsibilities, or the length of time they might be required to remain acting as a Trustee. Our Capacity to Act as a Trustee Assessment explores the individuals understanding of their role as a Trustee along with discussing some general financial management questions, also looking at the individual’s ability problem-solve any potential difficulties they may encounter in their role as a Trustee.

What Legal Framework is used to assess Mental Capacity to Act as a Trustee

This assessment is completed using the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and The Code of Practice. An overview of the details of the Trust must be provided by your legal or financial representative to us, ahead of the appointment taking place.

Relaxed Appointments

Our Independent Social Workers are highly skilled Mental Capacity Assessors, and use a friendly, conversational approach to ensure that the individual being assessed is placed at ease and feels comfortable and relaxed for the duration of the appointment.

Quick Appointment Availability using Secure Video Assessment

At Thornton & Lee we offer appointments 7 days a week, and so can be sure to find an appointment day and time to suit you. We also offer our Capacity to Act as a Trustee assessment over Secure Video assessment in most instances, so long as there are no significant hearing or sight difficulties in the individual to be assessed. Our Court standard robust Capacity to Act as a Trustee reports are returned within 7 days of the assessment taking place.

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