Certificate Provider

Certificate Provider for Lasting Power of Attorney

As an impartial person, the Certificate Provider confirms that the individual (Donor) understands the significance of the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and is mentally capable of making this decision, and that no undue pressure has been placed upon them to do so. The Certificate Provider must also ensure that no fraud is involved in the making of the LPA and that there are no other reasons for concern.

A small summary report will be provided as part of this service, at no additional cost.

The Appointment Process

We will only seek approximately half an hour of your client's time, but this can vary depending on the nature of the circumstances. We can complete Certificate Provider appointments in the majority of private settings.

Our business is born from a deep rooted passion for empowerment. Our Independent Social Workers have been working in the field for an extensive amount of years and specialise in working with all manner of diverse physical and / or cognitive impairments.

We are happy to act as Certificate Providers for members of the public who instruct us directly. However, we do suggest that you speak with a legal or financial specialist in Lasting Powers of Attorney before approaching us to act as a Certificate Provider.

Please complete the enquiry form below. We will be in touch within 24 hours.