Court of Protection Deputyship (COP3)

Why apply to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order

A Deputyship Order can give you legal authority to support someone without Mental Capacity with practical aspects and decision making in their day to day life. You might wish to apply to the Court of Protection to become a Deputy if you are supporting someone with memory difficulties, or a learning disability, who appears to lack understanding into decisions around their health and social care needs, or managing their property and financial affairs.

What is a COP3 form

When applying to become a Deputy Part A of the COP Deputyship form is usually completed by your legal representative. Thornton & Lee can then assist with the completion of Part B of the form, the specialist Mental Capacity Assessment required by the Court, called a COP3.

COP3’s are most commonly used to apply for Deputyship over Property and Financial Affairs or Health and Welfare decisions. The assessment is completed following the structured COP3 form and is assessed under the Mental Capacity Act (2005). A COP3 is an expert opinion about a individuals Mental Capacity and their ability to make time and question specific decisions, which is then submitted as part of an application to the Court of Protection to become a Deputy.

Who can complete a COP3 form

Official guidance for Deputyship applications lists Registered Professionals such as Doctors, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Professionals, or Social Workers as certified to complete COP3 forms. In practice however it can be frustrating and time consuming trying to track down a professional able and willing to complete the form. NHS professionals are often reluctant or slow to respond due to work pressures, and Local Authorities do not have any statutory responsibility to complete these forms. At Thornton & Lee our Independent Social Workers offer a quick, professional and efficient solution to the stress of trying to source a Professional willing to complete a COP3 mental capacity assessment.

A Video Assessment in the Comfort of your Own Home

Our professional COP3 Capacity Assessments take around an hour to complete. If the individuals needs surpass the expected complexity of a standard assessment, this might run slightly over. However, our experienced and friendly Social Workers will ensure that the correct Court standard evidence is collated promptly, without the individual feeling rushed.

We often use a Secure Video platform to facilitate our Court of Protection Deputyship Capacity Assessments. However if you require a face to face visit, we are more than happy to discuss a meeting in person. Feel free to call us if you have any further questions about home visits. We are happy to organise meetings in a number of settings including hospitals and care facilities.

Social Work England Registered Social Workers

Thornton & Lee are registered Social Workers with Social Work England, and are also British Association of Social Work members, our professionalism can be guaranteed. We are also proud Dementia Friends. We work within our communities to provide a trusted and friendly service that is underpinned by empowerment.

Once the order is Granted by the Court of Protection, we also offer a service granting the COP14 form to the person you have applied to be Deputy for, to inform them that the order has been granted by the Court of Protection. Please contact us to discuss if you are interested in this service.

Fast Assessment Appointment Availability

We offer appointments 7 days a week, and our comprehensive completed COP3 form will be back with you less than 7 days later. If you need to arrange an urgent appointment give us a call and one of our team will be happy to discuss your needs further.

Please complete the enquiry form below. We will be in touch within 24 hours.