Full Assessment Reports as Standard

Mental Capacity assessments fee includes all preparation work and a full, detailed, comprehensive, Court standard report with a clear assessment outcome summary. All our reports are completed by a qualified, experienced, and registered Mental Capacity Assessor.


We do not add any VAT onto the price you pay for a Mental Capacity assessment from Thornton & Lee.


If you have opted for a face to face appointment over a virtual appointment then for your information mileage for face to face appointments is costed at 55p per mile. Extended travel to a face to face appointment may incur a small additional travel fee. Estimates for mileage and travel time (if applicable) will be provided on contacting us.


Specialist Mental Capacity Assessments
Services - We do not charge you VAT Price
Testamentary Capacity Assessment - Full Report £345
Capacity to Grant Lasting Power of Attorney (Finance or Health) Full Report - Includes Certificate Provider (if completed at same appointment) £345
Capacity to Grant Lasting Power of Attorney (Finance and Health) Full Report -Includes Certificate Provider (if completed at same appointment) £545
Capacity to Gift - Full Report £345
Court of Protection (COP3) per assessment completed including Deputyship Finances / Deputyship Health / Gifting / Trustee / Statutory Will £345
Court of Protection Deputyship (COP3) Finance and Health (when completed at same appointment) £545
Executor Capacity Assessment - Full Report £345
Trustee Capacity Assessment - Full Report £345
Equity Release Capacity Assessment - Full Report £345
Capacity Assessment - Care Planning - Full Report £345
Decision Specific Capacity Assessments £POA
Litigation Capacity Assessment - Full Report & Certificate £545
Certificate Provider Lasting Powers of Attorney
Our LPA Certicate Provider Service is suitable for those without concerns regarding memory or understanding Price
Certificate Provider - Per Application - Includes Summary Report £130
Certificate Provider Health and Finance Application - Includes Summary Report £250
Additional Appointments
Service Price
Additional Visits Charged at Hourly Rate £65 per hour

Payment Terms

All fees will be payable in advance of scheduling an appointment.

If we deem that the person being assessed may have significant difficulty in understanding the contract they are entering into with us, then the referrer or a third party must make payment for the service using their own funds.

We reserve the right to decline a payment from any person that we feel might not have the mental capacity to understand our terms and conditions, and do not condone third parties accessing the funds of those who may not have the mental capacity to manage their financial affairs (without the legal authority to do so, in line with s42 of The Care Act 2014).

Thornton & Lee do not provide second opinions on Mental Capacity assessments, or Best Interests decisions completed by health staff for inpatients on a hospital ward, nor those completed as part of care planning or safeguarding enquiries by the Local Authority. If you are unhappy about the outcome of a hospital based or Local Authority completed Mental Capacity assessment or Best Interests decision we suggest you explore the complaints procedure of the organisation involved.


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