PA14 Forms: Your questions answered

Empowered elderly man

Finalising the Estate for someone you have lost can be an overwhelming task, especially when you have to juggle potential hold ups with the Executor of the Will. There are ways to help with this situation such as completing a PA14 form.  If you have concerns about the person who is named the Executor or…

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Meet the Team at Thornton & Lee

At Thornton & Lee we are so proud of the talent pool of skilled and experienced Mental Capacity Assessors available for face to face and virtual assessments throughout England and Wales. All of our assessment team are qualified, registered and insured Independent Social Workers, and also our Guest Expert Mental Capacity Assessor Registered Mental Health…

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Who Can Complete a COP3 for Deputyship?

Client receiving a COP3 assessment

It will never happen to me If you have stumbled across this blog by accident it’s likely that you already have doubts about the mental capacity of your loved one to look after their own financial affairs. It might be that such difficulties never occurred to you before your loved one became too confused to…

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Dr Gregory Lecturer of Social Work at the UEA discusses Why Values Matter in Social Work

Social work is an inherently value-based profession, but in practice we often spend relatively little time reflecting on what is important to us as social workers and as human beings. Student social workers are regularly encouraged to think about their own values and where they come from by their lecturers and practice educators, however once…

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Dr Corner of the UEA tells us how understanding Personhood and Citizenship can benefit those with Dementia

Dr Corner

This week I received one of my favourite types of emails, Mrs M who is a daughter who we supported with a mental capacity assessment for her mother Mrs R, to assist with a Deputyship application a year ago, sent me a courtesy update on the Court application, but also on how her mother is…

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The role of Independent Social Workers in exploring Undue Influence in drafted Wills

With another high profile contested Will Court case hitting the Newspapers 14th February 2023 titled “War over ‘genius’ bankers £18m fortune: Brother of ex-Goldman Sachs financier brands his Polish lover a ‘call girl’ who ‘conned him out of £4m chunk of estate – including his London flat – before he died aged 55“. It once…

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Happy 2nd Birthday Thornton & Lee

2nd birthday

Happy 2nd birthday to Thornton & Lee Social Work Consultancy who in December 2022 celebrated a wonderful second birthday since the launch of our new and innovative Independent Social Work network across England and Wales. During this two-year period our value driven organisation has gone from strength to strength, with our founding members, Managing Directors…

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Introducing Hayley Lodge Independent Social Worker

Hayley Lodge Independent Social Worker

Hayley has been working with Thornton & Lee as an Independent Social Worker since the summer 2022, her kind and personable approach is a real asset to Thornton & Lee and much appreciated by our clients. Hayley lives with her family and sausage dog Toby, in the Gloucestershire area. Hayley qualified as a Social Worker…

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How to support an individual experiencing Domestic Abuse

Old man

The UK government describes Domestic Abuse as abusive behaviour perpetrated on another individual aged 16 or over, with whom they are personally connected. Abuse might include a one off or could be regular incidents involving any of the following; physical, sexual, violence/threat of violence, control, or coercion, financial, or psychological/emotional abuse.  The new Domestic Abuse…

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Will taking part in a Mental Capacity assessment upset my loved one?

Strength's Based

“I really hope the mental capacity assessment does not upset them” is a worry that we hear often as Mental Capacity Assessors at Thornton & Lee. Whilst we cannot guarantee that an assessment of mental capacity will be an enjoyable experience for the individual 100 percent of the time, what we can promise is this;…

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