Happy 2nd Birthday Thornton & Lee

2nd birthday

Happy 2nd birthday to Thornton & Lee Social Work Consultancy who in December 2022 celebrated a wonderful second birthday since the launch of our new and innovative Independent Social Work network across England and Wales. During this two-year period our value driven organisation has gone from strength to strength, with our founding members, Managing Directors…

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Introducing Hayley Lodge Independent Social Worker

Hayley Lodge Independent Social Worker

Hayley has been working with Thornton & Lee as an Independent Social Worker since the summer 2022, her kind and personable approach is a real asset to Thornton & Lee and much appreciated by our clients. Hayley lives with her family and sausage dog Toby, in the Gloucestershire area. Hayley qualified as a Social Worker…

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How to support an individual experiencing Domestic Abuse

Old man

The UK government describes Domestic Abuse as abusive behaviour perpetrated on another individual aged 16 or over, with whom they are personally connected. Abuse might include a one off or could be regular incidents involving any of the following; physical, sexual, violence/threat of violence, control, or coercion, financial, or psychological/emotional abuse.  The new Domestic Abuse…

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Will taking part in a Mental Capacity assessment upset my loved one?

a small boy, his father and grandfather fishing

“I really hope the mental capacity assessment does not upset them” is a worry that we hear often as Mental Capacity Assessors at Thornton & Lee. Whilst we cannot guarantee that an assessment of mental capacity will be an enjoyable experience for the individual 100 percent of the time, what we can promise is this;…

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The values behind Thornton & Lee

Thornton & Lee; exceptional assessments, affordable fee’s – Sounds like a catchy sales pitch?! However, it’s actually value driven! Rebecca and Faye, founders of Thornton & Lee, spent many years working as Registered Social Workers for Local Authorities and managing Social Work teams on behalf of Local Authorities. We understand that putting a Lasting Power…

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What is new at Thornton & Lee?

Thornton & Lee logo

After a wonderfully productive and rewarding first year following the launch of our Social Work Consultancy, in which we have had such positive opportunities of working with legal and financial professionals and members of the public alike, we have now extended our service offering in response to requests and demand from legal and financial professionals.…

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What is Assistive Technology

assistive technology

Have you heard of Assistive Technology? An elderly person is found confused, wandering outside of their home. Unfortunately, this is an all too familiar Social Care emergency that historically may have led to a chain of events, resulting in an admission to residential care. Thornton & Lee understand the importance of advocating for an individual…

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Thornton & Lee’s Guide to Navigating the Care Maze

two young women and their elderly mother

Organising your own care and support for the first time, or providing support to an elderly or disabled person to access the right types of health and social care services, can feel really overwhelming. We often meet families in crisis who tell us that they don’t know where to go for help, or what support…

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