PA14 Forms: Your questions answered

Finalising the Estate for someone you have lost can be an overwhelming task, especially when you have to juggle potential hold ups with the Executor of the Will. There are ways to help with this situation such as completing a PA14 form. 

If you have concerns about the person who is named the Executor or Administrator of a Will,  this form may become necessary. When a family member or a loved one can no longer act as an Executor or an Administrator of a Will due to a decline in mental capacity, it may be time to appoint someone else as the Executor or Administrator. This can seem like a daunting task so, as trained and experienced Mental Capacity Assessors in the field, we have tried to answer some commonly asked questions in the hopes of making this process more manageable.

What is a PA14 form?

To progress any further with the process it is important to first understand what a PA14 form is used for. You may also hear of this form referred to as a Probate Certificate or a PA14 Medical Certificate. 

This form is a certificate which is signed and completed once an assessment is carried out to conclude that an individual does not possess the mental capacity to act as an Executor and handle the property and Estate of someone who has passed away. 

Why you may need a PA14 Medical Certificate

It could be the reason as to why you may need to look into acquiring a PA14 is after a loved one has passed away that the individual in charge of their Will no longer possesses the mental capacity to manage this. This individual may be having difficulty with their memory or may no longer be able to look after themselves.

If you find yourself in a situation similar to this then you may need a PA14 Medical Certificate. This certificate will confirm that the individual in question can no longer look after the Will or Estate as an Executor or Administrator, so that you can appoint yourself, or someone who can, to look after this.

Who completes the PA14 form?

To get a PA14 Medical Certificate completed a Mental Capacity Assessment is required. This certificate is needed to prevent any complications when handling affairs of a late loved one’s Estate. 

There are a few options you can take when looking to get your PA14 form completed. Here is a list of professionals who are qualified to complete the form for you:

  • A registered medical practitioner
  • A registered psychiatrist
  • A registered approved mental health professional
  • A registered social worker
  • A registered psychologist
  • A state registered nurse
  • A state registered mental nurse

You may find that when asking a medical practitioner, such as your local GP, to fill out this form for you they may decline to do so. This is due to their work pressures and workload, they simply cannot find the extra time needed to fill this out. 

If you are struggling to get this signed by your local medical professional we can fill this out for you. As professional Mental Capacity Assessors, Thornton & Lee are in regular communication with HM Courts and Tribunals who we work with to submit a number of PA14 forms. To make this process as fast as possible we make sure that the completed Mental Capacity report, and the signed PA14 Probate Form are returned within 7 days of the assessment appointment.

What can you expect from an appointment

Appointments can be completed face to face or over video call, whichever makes the individual feel most comfortable. Our secure video platform is accepted by the Court as a trusted method of assessment.

The assessment itself will take approximately one hour, however this may differ slightly depending on the specific needs of the individual. If you have any specific needs for the assessment then please let us know and we will happily discuss how we can make the process more comfortable for you. 

Why choose Thornton & Lee?

Here at Thornton & Lee we pride ourselves on our kindness. We make sure that our approach is person-centred, taking the time to make sure everyone feels comfortable while maintaining a professional approach. This is because we understand that this can be a difficult time for both the individual requesting a PA14 form and the individual being assessed and that every case is different.

All of the Mental Capacity Assessors on our team have extensive experience working across Adult Social Care and have worked with people who are experiencing Dementia, brain injury, Korsakoff’s, physical disability, stroke related Dementia, and much more. We are trained to represent and help those who may be feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed in their current situation. If you have any questions about how we can help assist your current situation please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are more than happy to chat about how we can help.

We offer appointments 7 days a week to fit in with your busy schedule and can offer appointments across England and Wales. It is easy to book an appointment with us, simply fill in the contact form on our website or give us a call directly on 0333 772 9315 and we can help you with the next steps.