Happy 2nd Birthday Thornton & Lee

Happy 2nd birthday to Thornton & Lee Social Work Consultancy who in December 2022 celebrated a wonderful second birthday since the launch of our new and innovative Independent Social Work network across England and Wales. During this two-year period our value driven organisation has gone from strength to strength, with our founding members, Managing Directors Rebecca Thornton & Faye Lie-Critchley enormously proud of the ever-growing team of experienced, kind, registered Independent Social Workers, who are specialist Mental Capacity Assessors.

Whilst Thornton & Lee remain advocates for the use of video assessments when appropriate to utilise these as a convenient and versatile option, which often works out most cost effective. We also understand that video assessments are not for everybody. Which is why we have been working hard on recruiting and training a team of Independent Social Workers across England and Wales. With a team of 7 members of staff, we now have an excellent geographical reach, please do contact us if you would like more information on a face-to-face assessment. You can still expect the same kind and personable approach from all of our Independent Social Workers, in addition to the exceptional quality of court standard report, turned around in 7 days from the assessment appointment, that you have come to know and expect from Thornton & Lee.

At Thornton & Lee we take great pride in working creatively and professionally. Consequently, some of our highlights over the last year include making a conclusion of capacity for a gentleman who was non-verbal wishing to make a gift to his family, after his GP had already declared the gentleman didn’t have mental capacity due to his impaired communication. We have a vast library of mental capacity resources available at Thornton & Lee, and always go the extra mile to ensure that we have accurately gleaned any wishes and views from of all our clients, thinking outside of the box to engage those with additional needs in the assessment process.

Other highlights include that we have continued to receive excellent feedback from those we work with including clients, family members, and our professional colleagues. Nothing makes us smile more than when we are consistently given feedback on our service which so beautifully describes our values such as that from Mrs M “I was concerned my Mum would be upset during her capacity assessment but the Assessor from Thornton & Lee handled the whole situation with such respect and kindness that Mum actually enjoyed the chat. The report is detailed, comprehensive and professional. I highly recommend this firm”. And that provided by Mr F “I am very grateful for your help and especially for the manner in which it has been provided which I have found to be both completely professional and done with great empathy and understanding which has been invaluable to me and my family at what has been an incredibly difficult time for us”.

As a team who are committed to excellence and growth both professionally and as an organisation, we are so excited to see how 2023 unfolds for Thornton & Lee, and we wish a happy new year to all of our clients, their family members, and our professional colleagues past, present and future.