Can I make a new Will if I have Dementia?

Black and white image of an elderly man sitting down and looking off to the right

In short, the answer to this question is absolutely yes, a diagnosis of any type of cognitive impairment or specifically Dementia does not prevent an individual from drawing up a new Will, or from making changes to an existing Will in most circumstances. At Thornton & Lee we meet individuals with Dementia regularly, who are…

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Why Complete a Testamentary Capacity Assessment?

old hand holding a baby hand

Did you know that your Will could be contested after your death? That the Court may even decide that it’s invalid, or even that an individual not named as a beneficiary may be able to lay argument to the Court that they have been unfairly left out?. This week the Telegraph newspaper has reported to…

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The role of Independent Social Workers in exploring Undue Influence in drafted Wills

With another high profile contested Will Court case hitting the Newspapers 14th February 2023 titled “War over ‘genius’ bankers £18m fortune: Brother of ex-Goldman Sachs financier brands his Polish lover a ‘call girl’ who ‘conned him out of £4m chunk of estate – including his London flat – before he died aged 55“. It once…

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