The values behind Thornton & Lee

Thornton & Lee; exceptional assessments, affordable fee’s – Sounds like a catchy sales pitch?!

However, it’s actually value driven! Rebecca and Faye, founders of Thornton & Lee, spent many years working as Registered Social Workers for Local Authorities and managing Social Work teams on behalf of Local Authorities. We understand that putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place or a Deputyship Order, is just as important to a low-income individual as it is for some of our high net worth clients. Similarly, capacity assessments for a Will are an additional safeguard to protect a client’s wishes after their death. It is about choices, it’s about final wishes, and means just as much to our clients who have 30k in the bank, as it does to our clients who have assets amounting to several millions.

Whilst working for the Local Authority, we would be personally approached on a regular basis, or by our members of staff, asking for completion of a Lasting Power of Attorney Capacity Assessment or a COP3 for a Deputyship. Unfortunately, there is no legal duty on the Local Authority to complete such assessments, they are instead compelled to prioritise crisis case work. The emphasis is instead on approaching a GP to complete a Mental Capacity Assessments for such matters, who we all know are under enormous pressure and equally have no obligation to complete such capacity assessments under the National Health Service. And so, it finally falls to the difficult to navigate, and sometimes lucrative, private sector.

At Thornton & Lee we are committed to providing affordable Mental Capacity Assessments, which is why our assessment fee is fixed at £345 (all inclusive) for a single assessment. We believe self-determination, empowerment, choice, and control should be for everyone, not just those with a bit more tucked away in the bank.

That covers the ‘Affordable’ bit, but how about ‘Exceptional’? Well, that’s easy. We are relentless perfectionists at Thornton & Lee who want to get it right for both the client and their family, or the professional who referred them to us, every single time.

If you’d like to find out more, and receive transparent and holistic social work consultancy on any of the assessments we offer, get in touch today via our contact form or phone us on 0333 772 9315. Alternatively you can email us on and we will be in touch within 24 hours.